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Read the Story about The Man, His Angel and Old Brown Suitcase Now!

Heartwarming and inspirational, “The Undiscovered Master” is a true story regarding a man, his angel, and an old brown suitcase. Written by the man’s son, 42 years after his father’s death, the story briefly recounts the life of his father, his death, and his comic strip creation… an angel named OMEGA who was put into storage for over 41 years.

In 2019, the “OMEGA” Comic strips were discovered by a Cartoon Expert who convinced the family to share them with the World!

This book is the official launch and worldwide reveal of “OMEGA”.

The Undiscovered Master Book Cover

Over 80+ Never Before Seen Omega Comic Strips included  in the Book!

Drawn during the 1960’s and 1970’s, the message and humor of the Omega ® Cartoon Strips still resonate strongly today. 

After Omega ® was sent down to Earth, he took his place in human society and became friends with a cast of characters who show up multiple times throughout the strip.

From talking trees and fire hydrants to Aliens, Doctors, Counselors, Lawyers, Employers, Bosses, Football Players, Baseball Players and more… Omega’s life on earth is reflective of the types of people we still meet today… and the humor that is often found in everyday encounters.

The Omega ® Comic strip offers you… good, clean, family friendly humor that will put a smile on your face… day after day, year after year.

It offers the selected Publication and Licensing Partner…
OMEGA Accepts The Nomination To Make People Smile

  • Positive Brand Image
  • Global Audience Appeal
  • Multi-National Marketplace
  • Multi-Licensing Appeal:
    • Print Syndication
    • Digital Distribution
    • Animation and Children Series
    • Movie Opportunities
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Omega ® Make The World… Smile Again! 

The Undiscovered Master is an inspirational book that tells the story of Bob Briare and his OMEGA comic strip.  Part Biography, Part Autobiography… 100% Inspirational!  Read the Book.

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